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About Us

Creative Photography to Make You Smile!


With Fun Photography, we mean just that!

We want to have Fun!

For any Photograph we take of you,

please feel free to bring props, fun clothing, costumes, sports attire, Pets!...

anything that represents who you are and what your life is all about!

Don't be shy! Make the most of the time we are spending with you!

We embrace the silly stuff!!!

Parents, please don't feel embarrassed if your children are having fun,

behaving like goofballs, or generally going insane!

This is what kids are all about and we like it like that!

Let us deal with the kids while you relax and smile, and they will have fun!

We want your Photographs to be unique and match your family style!

We can meet you at the beach, your home, or your choice of location

somewhere against the beautiful sunset & turquoise gulf waters!

We can even take a boat to one of the 10,000 islands!

Here, you'll see beautiful birds of all kinds, dolphins, amazing scenery,

and who knows... You might even see a MERMAID!

Where ever we meet, you can be sure we'll get ourselves some...



*** If you're wondering who the musician is, of the amazing song on this site, it is called

"SMILE" by Keegan Smith!

I Love his music!

Check him out on Facebook or