Welcome to Fun Photography

Fun Photography.US!  

It is so much fun in Florida! (and LBI in the summer months!)

The nature, scenery, and especially sunsets on the beach!  

We'd love to provide the most creative pictures of you and your family,

your pets, real estate... You name it!

We can meet you anywhere you'd like!

Family Portraits

(on the Beach! With Santa! With Pets! Bunnies for Easter!)

Babies, Parties, Pets, Special Occasions,

(Sweet 16, Communion, Sports...etc)

***We even have Mermaids for you to pose with...

(Great addition to Graduate Portrait Portfolios!)

As we are just getting our new website off the ground... we will be adding more

and improving every day!  We have acces to anything you need as far as prints

and photo gifts!

(Mermaid tails for younger girls will be available soon!! For now, we can accomodate 6-8 year olds, 10-14 year olds and above)

 Thank You for Smiling with Fun Photography!